Lessons from the Viaduct, March 12 at the JES

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Free and open to the public. Come one, come all. Tuesday, March 12 at 7pm at the JES.

In the face of the disheartening legal news from the 3rd Circuit Court, CIVITAS, ErieCPR and other Viaduct advocates are co-hosting a second Viaduct Town Hall on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, at the Jefferson Educational Society, 3207 State Street. This event, free and open to the public, will clarify the facts absent from the public narrative: the failure to maintain the Viaduct, the flaws in the Viaduct study and the trauma inflicted by the demolition.  The Viaduct is down, and the subsequent harm to the Eastside is just beginning.   

Several brief presentations will set the stage for a 40-minute conversation between the panel and the audience moderated by Roland Slade of Three Lee Films. Speakers include Lisa Austin (CIVITAS) Janice Cole (ErieCPR Vice-President), Dorothy Jordan (ErieCPR), Judy Lynch (former Erie County Executive), Father Jerry Prisaro (who initiated the fight to save the Viaduct), Abdullah Washington (Bigg Wash) and ErieCPR’s Architect Adam Trott.  Anyone with questions about the value and purpose of the legal case are encouraged to attend, and present their questions and concerns to the panel.

Brief presentations on such topics as the geography of Erie, redlining, Irish history, the flawed Viaduct study, and Erie’s zip code data (especially 16503) will clarify:

1) why the Viaduct was important,

2) how the City failed to maintain the bridge or conduct a proper study about this pedestrian artery     thus violating the Civil Rights of residents,

3) how the City should have cared for the Viaduct and conducted a proper study,

4) what is the best move forward now, post-demolition, and lastly -

5) how individuals can still help.