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Eastside resident says Viaduct demolition is “a racial thing.”

Eastside resident says Viaduct demolition is “a racial thing.”

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Yes the Viaduct is down.

But, the fight must get to Philadelphia’s 3rd Circuit Court to END the short-sighted decisions by the powerful who dismiss minority residents, stakeholders and national experts and who keep ignoring two principles of Charles Buki’s Erie Refocused Comprehensive plan:

  • invest in existing assets, and,

  • prioritize the needs and preferences of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Think about the foolishness residents have endured: closing Division Street and forcing residents to walk blocks out of their way; moving the EMTA buses from State Street to one-way side streets making connections less appealing and more distant; and the demolition of the Viaduct sending residents to walk a longer, polluted and dangerous route along Rt. 290.

Now the Port Authority has decided to erase the last historic waterfront building - the McAllister. And, PennDOT has proposed a 4-lane Bayfront "Parkway” that will increase noise, fumes and a wider barrier of traffic blocking residents from the waterfront.

These projects, envisioned and advocated by non-residents, ignore the will of the people.

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