New York Times & five local publications address injustice surrounding plans to demolish Viaduct

The list of writers and publications discussing the social justice, environmental justice and civil rights issues surrounding plans to demolish the McBride Viaduct continue to grow:

Wertz, Jim. "Erie at Large: March 14, 2018: Basic Civil Rights" March 14, 2018. ERIE READER, Erie, PA

Kimmleman, Micheal. "In Erie One City Block is a Trek of Disrespect." March 12, 2018. THE NEW YORK TIMES, NY, NY

Matha, Amber. "Erie Bridge Incites Racism." THE MERICIAD, Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA

Jarecki, J.P. "Social Justice for Erie: the debate over the McBride Viaduct." March 20, 2018. THE BEHREND BEACONT, Penn State, The Behrend College, Erie, PA

Robb, Kate. "City Council vote disappoints." Feb. 13, 2018 THE GANNON KNIGHT, Gannon University, Erie, PA

Robb, Kate. "Bridge is Important to Editor" Jan. 23, 2018. THE GANNON KNIGHT, Gannon University, Erie, PA

Gizmo59. "Top Comments: The McBride Viaduct Edition." Jan. 18, 2018. DAILY KOZ, Koz Media LLC