CALL TODAY: Merski, Kwitowski, Winarski & Witherspoon

City Council President Sonya Arrington's resolution to hold an Viaduct Public Hearing is on the Agenda for a vote at 9am Wed., Feb. 7. Mayor Schember has added three resolutions of his own to gain pre-authorization to demolish the #ErieViaduct. All three CouncilWOMEN support a hearing. PLEASE call all four Erie City CouncilMEN on their city-issued cellphones and ask them to support Arrington's resolution and to oppose (or table) the Mayor's resolutions written by the City Engineer (pre-authorizing demolition). If you can, please come to the meeting wearing red or orange. Show up. Bring the kids. If possible, come and demand a transparent, public discussion on the future of the McBride Viaduct.

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