Mayor Schember Moves to Block City Council

Candidate Schember said he would not object to a Public Hearing about the Viaduct. But, at his first news conference on January 11, Mayor Schember shocked many supporters by aggressively retracting his previous "Okay" for a Public Hearing about the Erie Viaduct and urging a swift demolition. 

Now, Schember is moving to silence everyone by sealing the demolition deal.

In the agenda for the next City Hall meeting (9am, Wednesday, Feb. 7th) Mayor Schember's Administration has placed three resolutions to PRE-AUTHORIZE demolition. Schember's resolutions follow Council President Sonya Arrington's recent announcement of her resolution to hold a Public Hearing about the Viaduct on Wednesday, March 9th.

Schember's new, vast authority seems to have changed him - and we must do what we can to change him back. 

Its time to use the beauty of our government: the balance of power. Let Council they must stop the Mayor from silencing the people. Tell Council to embrace our our collective dream of a new City with an "Erie Refocused" inclusive, transparent process for decision-making. Ask Council to help the Schember Administration "pass the first test" of Erie Refocused by:

- Voting YES in support of Arrington's call for a Public Hearing.

- Voting to TABLE all 3 of the Mayor's resolutions:

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