Only $1.35M is needed to stabilize the Viaduct!

Saving the Viaduct for non-vehicular use is just $1.35 million. PennDOT has confirmed that at least $1.26 million in Demolition-Offset funds may be used to fix the Viaduct. The City has already committed $72,000 to demolition, which can be transferred to fixing the Viaduct. Thus, a gap of only $20,000 remains. Annual cleaning of the storm drains would cost less than $5,000.

Doesn't Erie deserve a transparent, open dialogue about the City Engineer's and former Mayor Sinnott's decade old plan to spend over $2 million to demolish an irreplaceable, $15-20million dollar asset?  Shouldn't we, as a community, carefully consider all the risks before we allow our City to force Eastside school children and impoverished adults to walk, bike and push baby strollers along a Rt. 290, a longer, 4-lane arterial "Connector" highway (with noise, spray and a dangerous intersection)?

We have almost all the money needed to fix the bridge; now we need the political will to save the Viaduct.

You can help: come to the next City Council meeting at 7:30pm on Wednesday, Feb. 21; like and share our Facebook page: ErieCPR:Connect+Respect; contact Mayor Schember and let him know you want a PUBLIC HEARING about the Viaduct - (814)  870-1204  <>.

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