ErieCPR still working to bring transparency to Erie City Hall & PennDOT

Photo Credit: Your Erie, December 15, 2018

Photo Credit: Your Erie, December 15, 2018

Both of Erie’s local television YourErie Jet24/Fox66 and the network ErieNewsNow WICU/WSEE attended ErieCPR’s Media Event on Saturday, December 15.

Though demolition has removed several of the McBride Viaduct southern spans, the grassroots group isn’t giving up. ErieCPR President Adam Trott reported that ErieCPR is heading to Federal Court in Philadelphia with a goal of replacing what has been demolished and restoring the “safe connection.”

ErieCPR Vice-President John Henderson said Erie is “the worst city for African-Americans” and that “City Hall isn’t lifting and eyebrow.” Henderson complains that the City is using “our area for a dumping ground . . . trash . . . prisons . . .”

ErieCPR Strategist Judy Lynch commented that “what is important is the tenor of this movement, we are not giving up, we are united, we will work until the end” and “the end has to be a more just, more inclusive city. ”

Pastor Luchetta Manus was adamant: “We want our bridge!” As vital and as symbolic as saving the Viaduct is, ErieCPR’s motivations have never been exclusively on the Viaduct, but, on the safety, public health, economic development and community engagement of Eastsiders. Thus, even if demolition is completed, ErieCPR’s attorneys will be submitting briefings to the 3rd Circuit Court in Philadelphia by January 22, 2019 to bring transparency - and justice - to City Hall, PennDOT and the Public Utilities Commission.