Federal Court Postpones Hearings about Erie Viaduct

In a sudden, 11th hour decision, the Erie Federal Court has decided to postpone the Viaduct Public Hearing until additional filings are completed. Once the new hearing dates are determined by the Court, we will announce them via email, Facebook, www.ErieViaduct.com, etc.

All ErieCPR members are urged to attend the regular MEETING this Sunday afternoon. (Contact an officer for the location.) Meanwhile ALL SUPPORTERS are invited to attend the free SUNSET SUPPER ON THE BRIDGE on Monday, October 15 at 6:00pm near the Viaduct's north entrance at 1201 East Ave. CHEF LISA will be serving dinner. ABDULLA WASHINGTON will perform. CEE WILLIAMS will have copies of the latest POET'S HALL PRESS chapbook: a compilation of Haikus about the #ErieViaduct. IF YOU CAN bring a few folding chairs and / or COOKIES to share.