PennDOT confirms $1.26 million in DEMO-OFFSET available to repair Viaduct

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In an email to ErieCPR officers on January 26, PennDOT officials confirmed that "the amount of Demo-Offset funds that could be made available to the City of Erie if they choose to rehabilitate the bridge, retain ownership of it, and agree to maintain it is ... $1,259,345."

This amount (twice the figure quoted by City Hall) is more than 93% of the $1.35M ($1,353,320) outlined by architect Adam Trott that is needed to fix the Viaduct for non-vehicular used by: a) repairing the storm drainage system, b) filling pot-holes on the deck and c) removing and sealing all compromised cement and rebar.

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Trott reports that the cement and rebar in question aren't structural, but are comparable to a rash. While unsightly, a rash on the surface doesn't impact the super structure - the bones of the bridge.

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Contrary to repeated misinformation, the Viaduct isn't falling down. One PennDOT official commented that, left alone in its current state, the Viaduct, while continue to shed surface concrete, would easily stand another century.

The new "good, used car" approach (encouraged by Charles McKinney) will not make the Viaduct look "like new" but will stop deterioration from water damage and make the structure safe for pedestrians and bicyclists.  Contrary to repeated misinformation by the pro-demolition team, there are no specialized insurance costs for the Viaduct.

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To meet the gap of $93,975 to repair the Viaduct, ErieCPR will work in partnership with the City of Erie grant writer. In addition, ErieCPR, working with the City, will raise $7,700 each year to cover $5,200 in maintenance costs and $2,500 to add into a capital reserve fund to make optional improvements.