O'Neill reports Viaduct Injunction Delayed as Talks Continue on Public Hearing

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Erie Times-News reporter Madeleine O'Neill covered the news conference organized by ErieCPR Connect+Respect at the McBride Viaduct, 11am, Dec. 14, 2017 featuring remarks by ErieCPR President, architect Adam Trott,  ErieCPR Vice-President Beary Clark, Community Leader Cynthia Muhammad, Rev. Charles Mock - Pastor of Community Baptist Church, NAACP Erie President Gary Horton, Erie County Councilman Andre' Horton and former Erie Mayor, Attorney Rick Filippi. Attorney Filippi is representing the community of Eastside residents and businesses and their supporters in ErieCPR who are calling for a transparent public hearing to address issues of cost and safety surrounding the planned demolition of the Viaduct.