Your Erie reports ErieCPR's mission to counter city's neglect of Eastside

Photo clip from video by WJET’s Kendrick Tate

Photo clip from video by WJET’s Kendrick Tate

Kristen Nielsen writes that:

Adam Trott, ErieCPR president says of Erie City Council, "Their deliberate indifference and their intentional discrimination to the East side, it cannot keep going on.  The east side could recover if they just got a little support from City Hall.  And that's what we're fighting for."   The McBride Viaduct is what brought the group into the public eye.  But now that that battle has essentially been lost, they say they'll continue to fight back against the leaders of the city to help turn east side neighborhoods around.

Civil Rights Case Appealed

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LiAnna Schwerer / Erie News Now reports on ErieCPR’s press event held Saturday, March 23.

Erie Times-News reporter Ron Leonardi writes that ErieCPR files a petition in dismissed Viaduct lawsuit. His story was published in the Sunday, March 24th edition on page B4 on the popular obituary page. The on-line version of the story attracted the usual set of naysayers, of which few (or none?) actually took the time to walk the Viaduct and the Bayfront Connector Highway path to gain any real understanding of the situation. They have functioned as a kind of back-up chorus for the frequent misinformation circulated by City Hall and the ETN Editorial Board:

Post by one of GoErie’s deep-thinking commentators.

Post by one of GoErie’s deep-thinking commentators.

Donate to ErieCPR/Winds of Change: TEXT "Viaduct" to "44-321"

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Though ErieCPR fought long and hard to save the Viaduct, it was “never just about the bridge.”Now that the Viaduct is history, ErieCPR is still fighting to end the flawed decision-making that led to the demolition of the Viaduct and the McAllister Building - and - the proposed 4-lane waterfront highway - as well as City Council’s vote to appoint a man to the Erie Planning Commission, despite his anti-Eastside Erie comments to The New York Times.

To stop the wheels of the status quo from continuing to turn, ErieCPR has flied a second Appeal in their Federal Civil Rights complaint. To donate, text “Viaduct” to “44-321.”