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Eastside resident says Viaduct demolition is “a racial thing.”

Eastside resident says Viaduct demolition is “a racial thing.”

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Yes the Viaduct is down.

But, the fight must get to Philadelphia’s 3rd Circuit Court to END the short-sighted decisions by the powerful who dismiss minority residents, stakeholders and national experts and who keep ignoring two principles of Charles Buki’s Erie Refocused Comprehensive plan:

  • invest in existing assets, and,

  • prioritize the needs and preferences of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Think about the foolishness residents have endured: closing Division Street and forcing residents to walk blocks out of their way; moving the EMTA buses from State Street to one-way side streets making connections less appealing and more distant; and the demolition of the Viaduct sending residents to walk a longer, polluted and dangerous route along Rt. 290.

Now the Port Authority has decided to erase the last historic waterfront building - the McAllister. And, PennDOT has proposed a 4-lane Bayfront "Parkway” that will increase noise, fumes and a wider barrier of traffic blocking residents from the waterfront.

These projects, envisioned and advocated by non-residents, ignore the will of the people.

Stop the status quo. Help ErieCPR bring the fight to the Pennsylvania 3rd Circuit Court. DONATE. DONATE. DONATE.

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ErieCPR still working to bring transparency to Erie City Hall & PennDOT

Photo Credit: Your Erie, December 15, 2018

Photo Credit: Your Erie, December 15, 2018

Both of Erie’s local television YourErie Jet24/Fox66 and the network ErieNewsNow WICU/WSEE attended ErieCPR’s Media Event on Saturday, December 15.

Though demolition has removed several of the McBride Viaduct southern spans, the grassroots group isn’t giving up. ErieCPR President Adam Trott reported that ErieCPR is heading to Federal Court in Philadelphia with a goal of replacing what has been demolished and restoring the “safe connection.”

ErieCPR Vice-President John Henderson said Erie is “the worst city for African-Americans” and that “City Hall isn’t lifting and eyebrow.” Henderson complains that the City is using “our area for a dumping ground . . . trash . . . prisons . . .”

ErieCPR Strategist Judy Lynch commented that “what is important is the tenor of this movement, we are not giving up, we are united, we will work until the end” and “the end has to be a more just, more inclusive city. ”

Pastor Luchetta Manus was adamant: “We want our bridge!” As vital and as symbolic as saving the Viaduct is, ErieCPR’s motivations have never been exclusively on the Viaduct, but, on the safety, public health, economic development and community engagement of Eastsiders. Thus, even if demolition is completed, ErieCPR’s attorneys will be submitting briefings to the 3rd Circuit Court in Philadelphia by January 22, 2019 to bring transparency - and justice - to City Hall, PennDOT and the Public Utilities Commission.

Press Conference 10am, Dec. 15 re: Viaduct Appeal in Philadelphia

Jet24 Your Erie covers  December 13 panel discussion  at Booker T. Washington Center.

Jet24 Your Erie covers December 13 panel discussion at Booker T. Washington Center.

ErieCPR will hold a short press conference at 10:00am Saturday, December 15, 2018 at at the studio of AJT Architect, 1001 State Street, Suite 205. Adam Trott, President of the community group, reports that he “Briefings for the Federal Appeal to save the McBride Viaduct a.k.a. East Avenue Bridge that was filed on November 9, 2018 have been scheduled to be due by January 22, 2019 in the 3rd Circuit Court of Philadelphia.”

3rd Circuit Federal Court, Philadephia, PA

3rd Circuit Federal Court, Philadephia, PA

Despite being notified of this legal filing back on November 9th  the City of Erie authorized commencement of demolition work. To date, most of the 12 decks on the south side of the tracks have been removed.  

On December 13, 2018 at the Booker T. Washington Center, the demolition of the Viaduct, along with issues of connectivity, safety, the failed planning process, CBAs, local jobs, justice and hope were discussed in a conversation moderated by Michael Furhman with panelists ErieCPR President Adam Trott, Vice-President John Henderson, Spokesperson Michael Keys and Strategist Judy Lynch. The consensus is that long term systemic problems in Erie’s decision-making process have been consistently ill-informed and ignore needs and wishes of city residents as evidenced by: the demolition of the Viaduct, the planned demolition of the McAllister Building to make-way for place-less new construction, and the proposed 4-lane bayfront highway to move traffic through Erie.

The Viaduct controversy – and other issues raised by ErieCPR -  continue to gain national attention starting with the front-page story in the New York Times, the professional journal Landscape Architecture Magazine and inclusion in the coming documentary, “An Erie Silence.”  #   #   #