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ErieCPR:Connect+Respect, the community group legally affiliated with the 501c3, Winds of Change, was formed in 2015 to advocate for community engagement in public planning with a focused effort to save the McBride Viaduct / East. Ave. Bridge.

The Viaduct, constructed in 1938, was closed to vehicular use in 2010. Over the past seven years this hulking span has become the route of choice for pedestrians, bicyclists and skateboarders heading to school, work, play or shopping. The City of Erie is prepared to spend over $3million to tear down this artery, more than it would cost to save the bridge.

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Bike Erie

Civitas Erie

Erie county uniteD





Adam Trott, President

Beary Clark, Vice-President

Michael Keys, Spokesperson

Kathleen Shelly, Treasurer

Lisa Austin, Secretary



Cheryl Brunner, Community Outreach

Barbara Crone, Art and Music

Brad Ford, Digital Support

Gypsy Gleason, Mascot#1

Stephen Gleason, Event Support

Alan Green, Community Outreach

Gary Horton, Liason to NAACP

Chuck Joy, Contributing Poet

Alison Kaminski, Strategist

Luchetta Manus, Contributing Poet

Rev. Charles Mock, Liason to the African-American Concerned Clergy

Cynthia Muhammad, Community Outreach

Edison Nicholson, Youth Outreach

Cindy Purvis, Political Advisor

Terry Seth, Event Organizer

Roland Slade, Three Lee Films, Videographer

Stephen Sonnenberg,  Resident Visionary

Saint Stephen, Songleader and Musician

David Stull, Prop Master

Laurel Swartz, Event Champion

Freda Tepfer, Resource Specialist

Julie VonVolkenberg, Songwriter and Musician

Nancy Wagner, Project Advisor

Bigg Wash, Contributing Poet

Tom Webber, Filmmaker

Cee Williams, Contributing Poet

Peachez Williams, Contributing Poet

Margo Wolfe, Editor