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We are still raising funds to press for a remedy to the demolition of the Viaduct. Text the word “Viaduct” to the number “44-321”. Follow the instructions to “Donate to City Hall Tore Down Their Bridge”. DONOR GIFTS: for a $25 donation - Viaduct Cartoon Magnet; for a $50 donation - Pulako’s “Viaduct” Chocolate + Magnet; for a $100 donation - a signed Digital Print “F the Eastside”+ Chocolate + Magnet; for a $250 donation - a signed Viaduct Haiku Chapbook by Poet’s Hall + Print + Chocolate + Magnet; and for $500, donors will receive all of the above gifts plus one of only 30, signed, full-color 11” x 51” digital prints of “Pictorial Map of Eastside Erie (after Lorenzetti).”

11” x 51” “Pictorial Map of Eastside Erie (after Lorenzetti)

11” x 51” “Pictorial Map of Eastside Erie (after Lorenzetti)


Click the DONATE button below to support ErieCPR through their fiscal agent, the 501c3 WINDS OF CHANGE.

OR write A check to:

"Winds of Change,” in the memo line write “CUerie / ErieCPR / Viaduct” and mail or drop off your check to AJT Architect, 1001 State Street, Suite 205, Erie, PA 16501  (814) 456-8667  <website>


"Winds of Change" is the 501c3 that is serving as the fiscal agent for "ErieCPR" in the process of reorganizing as “Connect Urban Erie”. Volunteers are working shed a light on the flawed decision-making system that is marginalizing impoverished minorities and ignoring neighborhood, city and county plans.