Just text the word “Viaduct” to the number “44-321”. Follow the instructions to “Donate to City Hall Tore Down Their Bridge”. DONOR GIFTS: for a $25 donation - Viaduct Cartoon Magnet; for a $50 donation - Pulako’s “Viaduct” Chocolate + Magnet; for a $100 donation - a signed Digital Print “F the Eastside”+ Chocolate + Magnet; for a $250 donation - a signed Viaduct Haiku Chapbook by Poet’s Hall + Print + Chocolate + Magnet; and for $500, donors will receive all of the above gifts plus one of only 30, signed, full-color 11” x 51” digital prints of “Pictorial Map of Eastside Erie (after Lorenzetti).”

11” x 51” “Pictorial Map of Eastside Erie (after Lorenzetti)

11” x 51” “Pictorial Map of Eastside Erie (after Lorenzetti)


Click the DONATE button below to support ErieCPR through their fiscal agent, the 501c3 WINDS OF CHANGE.

OR write A check to:

"Winds of Change,” in the memo line write “ErieCPR / Viaduct” and mail or drop off your check to AJT Architect, 1001 State Street, Suite 205, Erie, PA 16501  (814) 456-8667  <website>


"Winds of Change" is the 501c3 that is serving as the fiscal agent for "ErieCPR" the grassroots group focusing on saving the McBride Viaduct / East Ave. Bridge. Though demolition is complete, ErieCPR is still working through the legal system to shed a light on the flawed decision-making system that is marginalizing impoverished minorities and ignoring neighborhood, city and county plans that call for prioritizing pedestrians and investing in existing assets. If the Viaduct is demolished the remaining funds will be used to advocate for ErieCPR’s mission of Empowering Eastside residents to build an inclusive, thriving, safe and just city.